Internet technologies

Every next day of launch with the WEB the dependence of human life into it only intensified. As a result today it really is impossible to do without Internet as well as the technologies created on its basis.

How made it happen start?

Just 50 in the past there was a revolution in IT and also the Internet came to be. In 1971 e-mail appeared which caused it to be easier for all of us to talk and live. Then the first browser that allowed us to see Internet in the more familiar way for all of us.
The companies for example Microsoft, Yahoo, Ebay, Twitter, Deeprism did start to emerge.
Internet technologies have created great opportunities by which it absolutely was possible to affect on society its awareness and also other factors. For example free distribution of advertising.


Technology has become so much that they can began to distribute on directions
1. Internet like a global network;
2. Software;
3. Different servers and clients;
4. Dial-up services for the Internet;
5. Remote access.

The main and quite a few famous Internet technologies from the XX and XXI centuries

1. ADSL came from the 80s from the last century and allowed by connecting two modems to telephone cables for connecting to the Internet. All who used this type of connection realize that the disadvantage of it was the ability to select one action telephone calls or just being on the Internet.

2. VPN ways of providing anonymity and bypass censorship inside the network. The downside of fractional treatments is a permanent paid subscription. At the minute only Deeprism supplies a free vpn and web proxy.

3. Messengers-exchange of info various data including video audio images as well as other things. At as soon as typically the most popular may be the WhatsApp messenger .

4. Electronic payment system. In this area we can note PayPal. It let you conveniently and quickly manage your finances yourself accelerated the movement of currency between Bank cards and facilitated the daily payments of people from all of around the world. The ease of treating fractional treatments and its potential use got accessible to all.

At the moment these technologies have already made their contribution for the good Internet or anything else are built on his or her basis.